Pam P.

I became certified as a health coach in August, 2017. I struggled for almost a year trying to turn that certification into a business. Then, through a series of events, that could only have been orchestrated by God, I contacted Lisa. Wow! My life began to change even from that first call. At the time, I was coaching a practice client who was making huge strides towards a healthy lifestyle, but I still felt insecure in my knowledge and ability to be a successful coach. In fact, I wouldn’t even tell people I was a health coach. Lisa helped me overcome this insecurity and gain the confidence I needed. More importantly, though, she helped me prioritize my schedule and devote the time I needed to prepare my business. It took a lot of prayer, but with Lisa’s help and God’s guidance, I finally learned to complete tasks rather than feeling guilty and dropping everything I was doing when someone called with a different plan for my day. Lisa also helped me set up a website and sort out my knowledge and values to create a coaching program for my target clients that is effective and that I’m excited about. Even with all this extra work on my plate, she held me accountable to my own health and fitness goals. She helped me see through the excuses I was making to myself and weed out the mindsets that were holding me back.

Now, my business is launched! I am a health coach! I’m so thankful to the Lord for leading me to Lisa, and I’m so thankful to Lisa for helping me follow His leadership to fulfill my dreams. I’ve signed up for my second program with Lisa and can hardly wait to continue this journey. -- Pam P.