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What if 2022 could be different?

As we turn the page to a new season full of opportunity and potential, what is your hope, your dream, your prayer for the year? Everywhere we look-on the internet and in the world-we can find New Year’s resolutions and Pinterest-pretty plans. But what if what we are looking for is within. What if 2022 could be different? I’m not a “resolutions” person. My word for 2022, PLAY!

PLAY personally.

PLAY in my relationship.

PLAY in my purpose.

Ever since I started doing this New Year practice, it's been incredibly meaningful. Last year, I spent a lot of my focus on TRANSITION.

The year before, in 2020, my word was TRUST and I put my focus on my ability to receive in partnership everything that was happening around us.

This year, with "PLAY" as my word, my energy will go towards experiencing and spreading joy in my new surroundings, with my husband, and my clients. My health is something that has been a focus of mine for close to 30 years. I see around me how important not only our physical health is but our mental health is seriously being “tested” on the planet now. All of this can interfere with our intimacy and connection, in so many areas that require our attention and focus. In the latter part of 2021, when we moved and I also became a caregiver I dove in deeper. I knew optimal health was going to be necessary to handle the move to a new state and care for my seriously ill mother. Carrying that over into 2022, my plan is to truly treat my body like the temple it is - not only for myself but for my family. I’m now looking towards incredible strength, vitality, and vibrancy well in to my 80’s!! I deserve to feel good and I can attest to how PLAY and joy are incredible healers. When I feel good, I am more available to my partner as well as my ever-evolving business. That leads me to devotion to my craft, my purpose, that which calls out to my soul. Serving. In my community-in my home-and in my business.

What does it mean to show up by playing as a friend, a wife, a coach? What energy do I pass on when I do this? How do I craft my days around this? How can I walk my talk with actions to prove that I’m living in to this word of mine?

If you’ve never tried picking a “word” for your year – give it a shot! It’s a pretty cool way to enter in. Last year my husband chose “CHANGE” and man he had no idea what was coming his way when he chose that word! Neither of us did! 😊 If you wind up picking one – let me know! I’d love to hear it!

2022 looks good on you! 💕Lisa


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