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Hi, I'm Lisa!

Ready to connect, succeed and thrive on your own terms? 

Putting in more "hours" is not the answer to your growth goals. Your path to exponential success means infusing your hours with more quality.

I'm so happy you're here...

’ve always a seeker, fueled by my hunger for disruption, the root cause of my insatiable desire for travel and for the next adventurous relationship, was love.

I've always been a seeker.  Life is full of transitions and transformation and I've had my share.  Moving half-way across the country, healing from major illness with alternative medicine and starting my own business after my first child was born, has led me to where I am today. 

At its core, my work is for women and men who don’t want to play small, or play from someone else’s script. 


Today I combine my 13 years in Corporate America, 25 years as a trained and Certified Holistic Practitioner and 10 years as a Marriage and Couples Mentor, to help others live a healthy and successful life. My zone of genius is when I use my ability to tap in to my intuition and skills and assess what ISN'T being said into what IS being communicated.

"Discipline Weighs Ounces...Regret Weighs Tons"

- Jim Rohn


The path to a fulfilling and blissful life is more than simple achievement. I believe underlying the pursuit of every goal is the desire to make the change required. I see the body, mind and spirit as a set of interconnected systems that work together in harmony.


When I’m not pursuing my passion, you'll find me either being a "foodie" in the kitchen with my family, hiking out on a trail, or volunteering at my church.  I have to give so much gratitude to the man upstairs that makes all of this wonderful, beautiful and, at times, messy life possible!!


Are you game?! I will help you clarify your vision, bust through self-doubt, and create the next step in your journey.  My desire is for you to live the life you want to live rather than the one you can only dream about living.


Loving You,

"Be Still And Know that I Am"

Psalm 46:10