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The Holistic Immersion Retreat Experience

Where extraordinary experiences begin!


We make peace with others when we make peace with the earth and with ourselves.  Leaving our day to day schedules behind, it’s a time to get grounded with nature as our back drop, embrace a simpler state of mind, relax and rejuvenate. 

If we listen closely, we can hear a new story waiting to be told.  It’s in the time we take to “Be Still” that the story unfolds. Discover what potential is waiting for you as you take time to let go and “retreat”. 

What to Expect

Mental, emotional, physical and spiritual wellness come in many different forms. 


This weekend offers a full spectrum experience as unique as you are. Whether you choose to participate in all the activities, just one, or simply get away, the choice is yours. 

Duration:  4 days / 3 nights

April 2024

Conscientious Cuisine

Delicious flavors are served up with local foods. Sit back while your dishes are prepared or join in on the kitchen creativity. Flavorful creations will be remembered long after you depart and recipes available upon request!

Preparing Food

Journey In

We live in a world where an increasing emphasis is placed on our outer lives and achievements.  These powerful sessions allow you to experience the richness that comes from journeying inward through the support of gentle guidance, visualization, and respectful dialogue. 

journaling sm.jpg


A heart-centered practice immerses you in the fusion of therapeutic yoga for circulation and energy.  Through mindful intent, you will be prompted to replenish beneficial energy and release non-beneficial energy.  A peaceful combination of breath work, stretching and meditation.  

yoga lisa SM.jpg


There has been an increase in the number of people battling chronic diseases in the world. Could the solution be right under our feet? Grounding to the Earth can have healing benefits. The Earth is like a gigantic battery that contains a natural, subtle electrical charge—a special kind of energy present in nature. 

Hiking Boots


Some people like to sit back and savor while others like to turn up the dial. One of the better payoffs of adventures is that it increases your energy reserves and makes you work harder when once you’re back on the job, be it at home or the office.  This slice of the weekend can offer boating, wave running or horseback riding.  

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When you leave...

You'll feel 





Less tense

Less stressed



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