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Joslin D.

Joslin D.

"Before signing up with Lisa for health and life coaching, there was no stability in my body and I was not achieving a major goal I had set out to complete. Being a full time musician I loved my job. All I wanted to do (and still do) is play the piano and record music for a living. But doing that for 10 years can take its toll on ones body.

Finally I tried lifestyle advising with Lisa. Within 3 weeks my body and mind experienced relief like never before. I was sold. I wish I started doing this waaaaaay earlier. Lisa's direction and guidance helped me understand my body and what I was made of and what it needed to be stable and normal. I also changed my diet drastically and realized that THAT was half the battle. I started feeling less depressed and down and understood how diet, exercise and mindset can change not just your body but also your outlook on life.

I totally recommend Lisa's coaching for anyone who wants better healthy living. It starts with will power and taking that first step. I'm glad I did."
--Joslin D.

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