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Kim G.

Kim G.

"The most important habit change I received from going through Lisa's program was the mindset shift in understanding that I didn't have to accept chronic illness and weight gain. By going through her program I learned that I could "kick" this stuff without medicating, without introducing new problems to chemical imbalances, without admitting defeat.

Because of her approach, instead of constantly struggling with my diet, inflammation, and building on bad eating habits, I formed new habits that help me "detox" in a safe and healthy way to return back to normal quickly and effectively. Better than that, instead of getting down on myself she encouraged me and taught me healthier thinking and coping mechanisms, and now I have a sense of empowerment and self-confidence I haven't had since I was in my 20s, especially when it comes to my body and accepting it as it is NOW. I have more energy, less inflammation, have true belief in accomplishing dreams, and I have more dignity in my every day thinking and interactions with others around me.

It's a complete program - it's not a grueling crash diet or crash exercise program. It's a gradual, longer termed program that addresses everything in your health (physical, emotional, spiritual), and because of this it IS life-changing. Her program helped me develop more deeply established, healthy habits. She is a true health and life coach. I am grateful and truly blessed I came across Lisa and her program."
--Kim G.

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