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Peggy P.

Peggy P.

"I’ve known Lisa for many years. When a life threatening disease shocked my world I reached out to her. What I found in our early conversations was so much more than I anticipated. I began to feel like Lisa’s whole body knowledge was life itself for me and I needed her to coach me onward toward healing and living after cancer.

It’s been quite a journey filled with surgery complications, chemo and emotional upheaval. Lisa was steadfast throughout. She coached me forward, calmed me and filled me with new direction and renewed thinking. From really analyzing how I spent time, redirecting thoughts and actions, to understanding how food truly influences our very being with healing capabilities.

Lisa has devoted herself to our wellbeing. When we’d follow up and I’d share an outcome she’d put a name on it! Lisa was deliberate in her coaching approach to drive me, push me through tears, conflicts and confusion to find strength and beliefs within myself to march toward my healthy life ahead.

Lisa has provided me tools and resources, books and websites to reflect upon - sources I surely would not have stumbled upon alone or given any credence to without her resounding strength and sincere knowledge of the topics we pursued.

If you’re looking to better your mind and yourself don’t hesitate to partner with Lisa. She’s as authentic as you’ll ever find in a life coach and rock solid in her techniques. Lisa will listen and have your complete confidence because it’s personal but you’ll come to know you are protected every step of the way. I thank her with all of my heart and my very being."

-- Peggy P.

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