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45 min

Relationship Coaching

Grounded Connection

6 Week Program

This is where it all starts and this is what your heart is craving: connection.  You are ready to shift the momentum of your relationship forward.

Honoring Love

3 Month Program

You may be wondering "what happened?" You realize there could be some neglect on both your parts.  In this 3 month program you'll return to honoring the love within.

Fueling Intimacy

6 Month Program

It's time to awaken your passion. You will spend your time increasing energy and building positive action. The goal is an increase in the "flame" of intimacy.

A Journey through Miracles

1 Year Program

Relationships are full of peaks and valleys.  In this one year commitment you will see there is so much more available. Learn the communication skills, embodiment tools and perspective shifts to create the relationship of your dreams. 

Engaged Couple Holding Hands
Romantic Sunset


I & B

Working with Lisa saved our marriage! Lisa’s frank and direct approach to healing our relationship allowed us to move forward from hurt and pain and rebuild our love and trust in one another. Through action steps, supportive dialogue and spiritual guidance we are living a wonderful new life TOGETHER!

K & C

The program that is followed is nothing less than life/marriage changing. Lisa cares most importantly in your success as a couple and that makes all the difference. Her faithful approach to her clients separates the process from traditional counseling. I can not say “thank you” enough for what she has done for me and my marriage!

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