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A quick way to relax and “just chill”.

Put your legs up the wall.

What the heck, Lisa? I believe you know me pretty well by now. Self-care is an important part of healing and every day healthy living.

One recommendation I have for you is a stretch called ‘Legs up the Wall’. This is a simple, easily done, restorative pose with many benefits.

  1. This stretch benefits the heart by giving it a rest as it doesn’t have to pump so hard and it slows down your heart rate.

  2. Having your legs up the wall reduces swelling in the feet and legs.

  3. This well-known pose is very relaxing and it’s like getting a 20-minute nap to your mind and body!!

Give it a try! Even for a few minutes-this will calm your mind and body. If you have had a really long day, and you have a big event or celebration on a Friday or Saturday night, do this before you hop in the shower and it will give you the energy boost you need to dance the night away!

IMPORTANT: Please come out of the stretch slowly-bend the knees first so your feet are flat on the wall then roll to your side. Stay down on your side for at least 30 seconds before you get up. Remember- it’s changing your blood pressure so you don’t want to come out too fast.

Happy “quieting”!!




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