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Experience Whole Health

One of the most frequent conversations I have with clients concerning their relationship is the dialogue regarding difficult feelings.

What do you do when you want to avoid difficult feelings?

  • Grab your phone?

  • Shop?

  • Pick an argument with your spouse?

  • Criticize your teenager?

  • Busy yourself by working?

A great essential daily practice-- if you want to experience WHOLE HEALTH -- that you can have is feeling ALL of your feelings.

The vast majority of people skip the messy “feeling-your-feeling” thing and either stuff them down (which can turn into physical illness, skin conditions and an entire array of other physical-emotional-spiritual issues) or your feelings come out cockeyed on those around you (resentment, criticism, blame, fury, etc.).

Sometimes we really just need to embody our feelings. That simply means feeling them in my body. Rather than THINKING MY FEELINGS.

In other words, letting the FEELINGS take center stage and setting down the stories ABOUT the feelings.

This is a new concept I know. However, have you ever had someone say to you, “Don’t make a decision while you are so emotional?” That’s why. It’s because you are living in the “story” that caused the feeling vs. the feeling itself.

Your feelings are incredibly important, valuable and instructive in your life. The STORIES about your feelings, however, can take you into a dark pit that can feel impossible to escape.

The common thing to do is to distract yourself with your phone or a task or abandon yourself entirely when the challenging feelings arise.

If you have been longing for a deeper connection with your partner or in work life, or if you have felt like you are skimming the surface of your own life, reach out.

Your external world is a reflection of what is happening INSIDE of you. If you want what is happening OUTSIDE OF YOU to transform (relationships, marriage, business, community, global), then it begins with you tending to the sacred within yourself.

DM me if this is piquing your interest and we can chat.




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