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Five Principles to Launch

As I mentioned recently - Entrepreneurship has been on the rise in recent years. Starting your own business requires some basic principles that serve as guidelines for your success.

Whether you are an aspiring or an existing entrepreneur, these 5 principles can serve as markers for launching and building your business.

1) You don't always make money right out of the gate and this should NOT be your goal.

When you are first getting started don't be in a hurry to make profits from the word go and instead, understand what entrepreneurship or launching is all about. For instance, it is better to come up with a game changing idea instead of pursuing leads that are dead ends. You have to commit to the long haul.

2) It's better to find the right opportunity. This may take time.

This principle translates into the fact that entrepreneurs must both create opportunities as well as seize them when they arise.

3) Invest in people and build successful teams.

Some are solopreneurs as I am. Although, within a few years, it became apparent I needed a Virtual Assistant! Make sure your team that you build is passionate, committed, and most importantly, shares the vision and mission you have.

4) Execution and Delivery are key,

It is important for entrepreneurs to ensure that they walk the talk and deliver. I call these results. Be a leader. Further, leadership means that entrepreneurs must not be afraid of failure and must instead, turn adversity into triumph and transform failure into a stepping stone for success.

5) Entrepreneurs must be self actualizing visionaries.

Great entrepreneurship is all about heeding the inner voice, creating opportunities for others, being conscious of societal prosperity and most importantly, translating their vision into success.

Finally, you must drive yourself in the pursuit of your dreams. Indeed, the balance between inner aspirations and external expectations is the most important determinant for success.

I'm cheering you on!




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