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Growing Your Garden, Your Family Garden- Not Flowers

As I was walking the other day, I noticed these rows of beautiful flowers. I started to think about all of the time, work, patience, and ALL of the people it required to create this beautiful garden.

We get to experience the beautiful results, but we often don’t see or think about all of the work it takes to get there. This is just like our parenting journeys.

I know there are habits, hand-me-down parenting tactics, and so many other challenges that require a long process to overcome. I am here to remind you that these changes take TIME. They take PATIENCE. They take CONSISTENCY. Like all families, we had a few rough years.

I am always here to support you and encourage you along the way.

Now that all 3 of mine are pretty much grown and flown, I do a LOT of reflecting on our parenting. I am so proud of where all 3 of my daughters are at this moment in their lives and sometimes, I’m pretty amazed as well!

It’s just changed from parenting under our roof to parenting over the phone. And honestly, we treasure every phone call. So, whether you are on the first step of this journey or months (or even years) into it, I want to encourage you and remind you that the end results are MAGICAL … when you keep tending to the garden with faith and trust in your tools!

The gardens you are growing are so worth it!

Keep working for your families. Keep overcoming. You will achieve the family connection of your dreams. I promise you.

Remember, when you see the end result of others work — the beautiful gardens that they have built … the rock-solid marriages they are enjoying … the tight relationships with their kids … the cooperation & respect that is abundant in their homes … remember that it was a journey for them to get there. You are also on your way to building the garden of your wildest dreams!

Trust the process and stay focused on your vision.

If you want to be an effective, firm and kind parent WITHOUT relying on fear we should talk. Creating family legacies and memories YOU are proud of is how I want to support you.





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