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Guideposts for you as a couple.

A compass, a level and a ruler remind us daily.

A compass shows direction. A level provides proper balance and the ruler allows us to measure distance?. So how do you measure success in your marriage?

It's really good to have guideposts. Where are we out of balance? Are we both going in the same direction or have there been a few "forks" in the road? There is never harm in asking these questions now and again.

My husband and I like to call this "couch time". No phones. No TV. No distractions. Eyes on one another. Maybe it's over a glass of wine. Maybe it's out on the back porch. If you are not in the habit of connecting this way regularly - give it a shot. Start with once a month then shoot for every other week. Who knows, maybe it will eventually become a weekly conversation!

In doing so you'll have common goals and interests that you two pursue together.

Here's to "same page" living with our significant others.

Love You



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