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Healthy in Body. Strong in Spirit. Getting Your Movement On.

Most of us know the benefits of exercise for our overall wellness. If you are having difficulty staying motivated in this area it’s most likely because you haven’t found the right activity for YOU. Yes, we actually can have different styles when it comes to exercise and if the activities you choose are not a good fit for you, then you won’t keep it up. I’ve seen so many people over the years join the gym and two months later they are not even going anymore. So, before you sign on the dotted line or buy that Peloton let’s hone in on what may serve you the best! Some questions to consider: · What is my main motivation for exercising? · Is making time for exercise easy? A challenge? Or Last on my list? · Do I make excuses for not exercising like cost, family commitments, work or school? · I stay on track best by a) setting a goal b) writing my exercise time slot on my calendar or c) having a partner to workout with · I have the most energy in the morning-afternoon-evening? · Where do I prefer to work out-at home? In a gym? Outdoors? · Am I competitive? As a Coach it’s my goal for you to gain insight into your “why’s”. Once that insight is received you are good and ready to get into action!! After answering the above questions and pondering what may be stopping you or slowing you down, here are some action items that can assist you to get going! Maybe you need to write your fitness goals down using measurable terms to keep focused. If this sounds good to you, be specific about the results you want. Making a commitment to invest your time, money or energy in becoming active is never easy however the rewards far outweigh the risks. For example, if you are concerned about taking time away from your family then involve them in your workouts! If that is not an option then workout while they are at school. A healthier mom is a less stressed mom and that works out well for everyone! If you enjoy being at home or alone use videos, a home gym, or try activities like walking or biking. If you enjoy being with another person, invite someone to walk, hike, play tennis or go to the gym with you. If you socialize while you exercise, consider joining a sports team or signing up for a class. If you’re more of an outdoors-type, you’ll enjoy walking, hiking, bike riding, or a recreational sports team. Because there are so many different forms of exercise and movement to choose from, find a few that suit your preferences and give them a go! If you like it, great!! If not, move on and keep exploring. The most important thing is that you find what you love and have some fun along the way! Then I know you’ll be successful!! To your health. Lisa


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