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I’m not a therapist.

You may have heard about coaching. Or maybe you’ve heard that coaches are some sort

of therapist. But what is a coach, really? What’s it like to have a coach, and why would

you want one?

Before you hire a coach, you need to be clear on what exactly a coach is. A coach is not a

therapist, counselor, or mental health professional. A coach’s job is to support adults as

they work to improve their lives - personally and/or professionally.

As a Coach we view you as a fully capable, competent, and whole individual who would

like to grow. A coach is trained to be an expert in creating the life you want to step into.

This means they have received education in how to move you forward and how to

measure success.

So why would you want to hire a coach? There are so many reasons why you may want

assistance from a coach, such as:

 Building/improving relationships

 Work/Life balance

 Managing life transitions

 Developing self-confidence

 Increasing self-awareness

 Stress management

 Career navigation

 Time management

 Building and maintaining motivation

 Intentional living

 Uncovering strengths and weaknesses

 Authentic leadership

 Healthy living

 Strategic thinking

 Decision making

 Problem solving

The first step in hiring a coach is finding one that is a good fit for you. Most coaches will

do a free consultation with you so you can see if you like their style and have a

connection. You want a good relationship with your coach, so you should shop around

until you find the right one for you.

Some coaches meet with you in person, while the majority are now utilizing telephone or

video conferencing. What’s the cost? A good coach is going to have a few options for you

to choose from. It all depends on you and what you would like to accomplish. The time-

frame is in direct proportion to what you would like to achieve.

Coaching delivers an outside perspective on your unique situation, a person to challenge

you to go further, and a support system to count on. Coaching is powerful and life


Do any of the reasons above ring true for you? If so, why not take that first step and

schedule a call!

Love you



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