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Open Yourself Up to Receive Some Love

Experiencing love is an important necessity in our lives.

Finding love, discovering love, uncovering love. I think of love in a romantic way, whether in my marriage-recognizing that love is a verb, or noticing when love is moving and flowing around me. I love that concept, that love flows through our lives. When love is an action all of us rise.

Love is a curator and a liberator of possibility. You stand bolder, you leap further, you fly further when there’s love energy flowing through your life and those around you. THE answer to division is love.

So I invite you to ask, What is that next level of love for me?

Once you do that, then you’re ready for someone else to love you or simply love at that level as well. Because when you’re demonstrating a level of powerful love, it ignites a level of self-care, which invites a level of self-acknowledgment. Example: Give and you will receive.

So often we are looking, and expecting, for others to love us without giving them any insight, any awareness, any guidelines on what loving us looks like. Even in marriages and in long-term relationships, even in familiar relationships that you’ve had all your life. What does loving look like?

In a group Coaching session, I asked: What does love look like to you? What does it feel like to you? Define what loving you or loving looks like.

I had a great Coach tell me once, “your level of business success is a reflection, to a degree, of your personal awareness of the love in your life.” Very true and something I share with my clients now.

Recognize that every relationship evolves. Personal and Professional. There’s not one relationship in your life that will ever stay stagnant. As you grow, and as you expand, relationships will do the same. I often hear people say, “I’d love to go back to the way we used to be.” That’s impossible because the way you used to be depended on where you were. That was then. This is now!

So, recognize that as you evolve, as the world evolves, as humanity evolves, as the individuals that you’re in relationships will evolve, the relationship must take a new course. Honor, celebrate, and encourage the evolution of your relationships. Encourage the evolution, the growth, and the expansion, and all of that comes with embracing change and allowing yourself to be parked between fluid and flexible, between grace and ease.

Thank you for being here with me. Thank you for allowing me to have this time with you. Thank you for allowing me to pour into you. I hope there’s one thing I said that you can walk away with and say, “You know what? That can really help me, inside my really radically wonderful life, to experience and see more love.”

I believe in you. I hope to see you again real soon.




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