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I recently had a client really stuck in a spiral. He was not ready to make decisions that were in alignment with a different reality until HE was really ready. It may be the same thing for you. Maybe you don’t like your job or you want to have a more peaceful life. Maybe you watch yourself all torn up in knots with worry and angst about the state of the world but just cannot seem to untangle from the news and social media. Or it could be that maybe you are kinda happy in your life but mostly ‘meh' and would really like to be overflowing with joy and gratitude at how things are really going. The truth is, you can never change those things until you DECIDE that NOW is the time. That you are ready to shift OUT OF the role of the person who is dissatisfied with work, angsty about global affairs or ‘meh' in your life. When you decide that you are really ready what will happen is you become AVAILABLE FOR NEW TRUTHS and NEW PATHWAYS that align with that decision. You hear about a book or a seminar or referral to a Life Coach. You've finally DECIDED, “Wow! This might be for me!” because that is a THOUGHT in alignment with releasing angst or listening to your inner knowing that there is MORE for you to accomplish on this planet. And then you sign up for an initial consultation (since it is free) and that is an ACTION in ALIGNMENT with your desires. And then you feel EXCITED because that is a feeling in alignment with how you want to feel. That is how a massive life change starts.. Just. Like. That.

Watcha waiting for? The link to book is right here!!

Love You



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