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What does it mean to be a witness to marital love?

What does it mean to be a witness to marital love?

Coaching and mentoring couples for over ten years, I’ve made the following observations:

1. Remember every day that your spouse and marriage is a gift from God. You were chosen for one another. Listen to respond. Not defend.

2. You may have heard this one before- “the best example you can show your children is how you care for and love each other.” It’s VERY true. Your children will observe when you have no idea they are observing.

3. Your wedding day was filled with the joy of being surrounded by family and friends. That is how your marriage will continue to flourish- by understanding you are not going at this alone. Marriage takes a tremendous web of support.

4. Whatever faith you practice- practice it TOGETHER. Join hands and look one another in the eye and be open and vulnerable to ask for what you need. Pray. Forgive. Laugh. Cry. Labor and LOVE. And please- do NOT let intimacy fade.




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