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YES - It is possible to have a great MARRIED sex life!

There is one big secret to that amazing level of intimacy we all crave. And it's something that every couple needs to know about- even my Christian brothers and sisters out there.

If you know me well you know that this topic is of utter importance to me and the work that I do with clients and couples. As my husband and I grew together and got to know each other physicallly, as well as emotionally and spiritually, we came to understand that every life-giving marriage is connected to the ultimate Life-Giver (i.e. the One who made sexual intimacy in marriage to be a holy experience).

As part of that growth, I've discovered a powerful truth that has brought incredible healing to not only our marriage but the hundreds we've supported. The older I get and the longer I've been in business the more I feel we can no longer be quiet about this very important topic.

Society wants everyone to view sex as an instrument of self. "What am I going to get?" The truth in the beauty of this gift is when you get out of "self" and into "other" or "what am I going to give?" "How am I going to explore, learn and grow in the gift that is my partner?" As a result, watch for this part of your relationship to go from cold as ice to hot and steamy.

Adding to this newfound physical intimacy is a newfound spiritual unity that is gravely missing in most bedrooms. Opening your eyes and hearts to understanding the supernatural presence in this union will be a game changer. Ecclesistes teaches us that a "cord of 3 strands is not easily broken". There are two ways to look at these 3 strands. One is of course you, your spouse and God/Spirit/That Which is Greater and another is the need to understand that the spiritual, emotional and sexual aspects of marriage are all strongly entwined.

You can remove any negative or even life-destroying habits you or your spouse has become entangled in. There is always hope for a turn around and a more passionate marriage. Don't be shy or disappointed about this anymore. It's way too important. Passion and sensuality are allowed and encouraged. Yep, the beginning place of greater intimacy in our marriage (and a better sex life) starts with our relationship with the Creator of the Universe.

Not sure how to even broach this subject...I'm here for you.

It is LIFE changing.

Loving you


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