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Divine Stubbornness.

I gotta tell ya - sometimes this world of ours seems a lot like a ruthless furnace - threatening always to burn our gladness away so, like chalky ashes, the remnants bear no resemblance to the vibrant life that once was.

During those times I’m so glad I was gifted with DIVINE STUBBORNNESS. I explain divine stubbornness this way. It’s like swearing, with the glint of a vision in your eye, to neither stray… nor settle.

And that’s the stubbornness I delight in within me. It’s when I may say to my husband “hey bring it in. We’ve been doing our own thing too much lately. Let’s bring it back in.” Or I may send something to my friends and we are fighting together for a cause we are so passionate about. We’re not going anywhere. And things are going to change.

We’re fanning the flames of our gladness, even as the roar of the furnace pushes tears from our eyes and parches our cheeks with its fierce heat. I say no! And I’m so happy to say I’ve witnessed some mighty warriors when they say “no” as well and choose gladness over the shadow.

This is life. She’s a wild ride, no? Here’s a secret. I like a little “wild”. ☺️

Tell me, In the face of what furnace are you stubbornly accepting your gladness this week?

How is your divine stubbornness manifesting in your love life? With your kids? Work?

Enjoy the ride!



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