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Feeling the Holiday Rush?

As we approach the Christmas Holidays what is your hope, your dream, your prayer? One thing I love to do while decorating is reflected on what the past year has brought and thought about what the possibilities are for the year to come. It’s pretty wild to think that when you unpack that tree again next year a whole world of new opportunities (and challenges) will have unfolded.

I don’t let the challenges scare me. It’s often a time for refinement.

Everywhere we look - on the internet and in the world - we can find New Year’s resolutions and Pinterest-pretty plans. But what if what we are looking for is within? What if 2023 could be different?

For now, though, I encourage you to just PLAY!!

PLAY personally.

PLAY in your relationship.

PLAY in your purpose.

PLAY with your family and the memories you are creating! Loving You,



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